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Let's Get to Work TOGETHER!

Same Taxes Better Services 

What our Community Needs!!!

According to the feasibility study conducted by The University of Georgia the City of Mableton would have over a $3.2 million annual surplus.  This surplus is after paying for the services the city will be taking over from the county without raising property taxes.  This is due to the favorable mix of commercial taxes that provide a surplus to the county.  This means the surplus is used for enhanced services. The possibilities are endless for the types of enhancements the city could pursue.  Cleaning up our streets, increased code enforcement, creating a vision plan to foster the type of development we desire, improving traffic flow, additional parks and recreation programming, improving our infrastructure, demolishing abandoned buildings, and increased economic development.  Whatever is prioritized.  This will allow for the continuous growth and improvement of initiatives important to our


Local Control

Citizens of The City of Mableton would elect 6 Council Members along with a Mayor.  Our City Council would be able to provide local control over Zoning, Code Enforcement, Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, and Sanitation.  They would also be able to provide increased input regarding servcies provided by Cobb County.  A clear vision on future projects desired can be provided to developers and the business community.  For decades Mableton has needed a plan and clear focus.  The same type of focus received by the rest of the county.  With local control of our resources we can identify and make changes that will positively impact the lives of our citizens.

Improve Quality of Life

Lets's grow in prosperity together!!!

We remember a time when Mableton had a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and a skating rink.  A time when the streets were maintained with flowers and trees.  A community devoted to promoting its local baseball, football, soccer, and basketball leagues.  A devotion to after school programs, local jobs, local restaurants, and local business.  Let's make this a reality again with The City of Mableton.  Having 6 council members and a Mayor who strive every day to improve our quality of life is a within our grasp. Using a surplus of tax revenue to enhance services, attract new opportunities, and support a thriving community is there for all of us.  Let's make it happen!  Vote YES Mableton!

Keep our Taxes Here 

Our taxes our decisions!!

For TOO long the taxes generated in our community have been used to provide improvements elsewhere.  It is time for the taxes in Mableton to stay in Mableton.  The city could take the surplus generated to improve services, attract new businesses, create jobs, make enhancements, and promote our area. 

More Representation 

Becoming a city would allow for individuals in the area to make decisions based on immediate needs. Instead of hoping for the county to take initiative, the City Council and Mayor can act quickly to make changes important for the future growth and prosperity of the community. Based on the 2020 census , Cobb Country has 766,149 residents.  The country is split into 4 districts of approximately the same population.  This means our part-time District Commissioner currently represents about 191,537 people. The City of Mableton would have a population of 77,505 and be divided by 6 council districts.  This means each council member would represent approximately 12,918 people.  Additionally, we will have a mayor who is elected citywide. This is a major advancement considering the representatives will live in the unique areas that comprise the city. They drive the streets daily, interact with neighbors, and can help make change that they see the need for daily.  This is in stark contrast to the county's Board of Commissioners, where only 1 of 5 live within our proposed city boundaries.  We would still have our wonderful county commissioner, but we can add the additional support to drive Mableton forward.  Additionally, the district commissioner will have burdens removed, allowing to better focus on the services that the county is delivering to us. 

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