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Important Documents

Click the link below to view the Feasibility Study completed by the University of Georgia.  Here is a summary of the financials from the study:


Annual Expenses $10,040,322

Capital Expenses $1,338,686

Total Operating Expenses $11,379,008

Total Annual Revenue $14,612,652 

Total Annual Revenue Less Expenses (SURPLUS) = $3,233,644

Will I Be in the City Limits?

Click the link below for an interactive map provide by Cobb County.  You may use the search box to see if your address is within the city limits. When an address is entered, the map will zoom into that address.  If background around at the address is blue, the address is within the proposed city.  Please note that if a property has been recently annexed to Smyrna or Austell, the map may not be updated yet.  Please check back closer to the election. 

Property Tax SS.png

House Bill 839 to incorporate the City of Mableton. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 02.28.09.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 01.49.57.png

City of Mableton

The Question?!

On the November Ballot the citizens of Mableton will have the opportunity to vote on becoming THE CITY OF MABLETON. The following is how the question will be written on the ballot:

"Shall the Act incorporating the City of Mableton in Cobb County, imposing term limits, prohibiting conflicts of interest, and creating community improvements districts be approved?" 

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